The Company

Dvccio GioielliDVCCIO is an high quality Italian brand, distribuited by GRUPPO EGR Italia, is a perfect expression of italian excellence.

The maison Dvccio, founded in 2005 by is patron and designer Giovanni Selvi, offers jewelry made of pure bronze, semi-precious stones and 24 kt gold plating, moreover the collecion is entirely hand-made.

The company consist of an head office plus three separated and indipendently administrated venus.
The first venue is the one in which the products are desiged and later distributed around the world, the second venue takes care of the making of all thematerials necessarily for the production and the third venue is manufacturing the finished jewelry.

The collections rely on glamorous and trendy lines which won the italian and international market, including Australia, New Zeland and Brasil.

The Dvccio brand has been chosen by many international v.i.p. that wear the jewelry on TV or show it off on the newspaper.

The goal of the maison Dvccio is to extend is brand all over the world reaching every woman and make each one feel like a diva.

The Production

Dvccio ProductionDazzling jewels come from the simplicity of bronze. The maison Dvccio made in Italy is characterized by the attention to details as well as the origin of the raw materials so that is ensured the respect of all Italian high quality standard post by the law.

Vicenza artisans's careful craftsmanship allows to combine the simplicity of the style to the perfection of the shapes. Dvccio jewelry's high quality is moreover enhanced by the 24kt gold plating combined with the brightness of the stones and the fullness of the enamels colors.